Rishiri Kombu 80 g

Rishiri Kombu 80 g

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80 g

Description Rishiri Kombu 

This Rishiri Kombu is a premium kombu for dashi. It is grown in the extreme north of Hokkaido, harvested and then matured for 2 years in a kombu ripening cellar.

Its texture is slightly harder than makonbu and has a strong, intense flavor. Dashi broth made from this kombu is particularly tasty.

The size of the individual kombu leaves is approx. 22 cm. Recommendation for the preparation: Approx. 30 g for one liter of water.

Use Rishiri Kombu

Rishiri Kombu are made in Japan in particular for dashi or used for a preparation as a cooked side dish

About Dashi

The Japanese dashi is, similar to our French bouillon, the basis for a variety of soups, sauces and dishes. Scientifically, dashi is the "world's tastiest liquid" due to its high levels of natural glutamic acid.

The basic dashi essentially consists of only 3 components:

  • water
  • kombu algae
  • bonito flakes (smoked, dried and then shaved tuna)

Dashi Recipe:

For 1 liter of dashi, put 30g of kombu seaweed in a pot with 1 liter of cold water. Heat the pot slowly (medium heat) and turn the stove down to the lowest setting as soon as the first bubbles appear on the bottom of the pot. Let the seaweed sit for half an hour, then remove it and bring the pot to a full boil. Now add 30g bonito flakes to the broth, let them stand for 60 seconds and strain the broth through a strainer. Salt to taste - done.


Dashi in Topf


About the manufacturer

In 1871, the Japanese manufacturer started trading in kombu seaweed, which he sourced from the best harvesting areas in Hokkaido. From the beginning he focused on the best qualities. Around 1900 he became a supplier of kombu for traditional, discerning Ryotei-Restaurants in Kyoto.

To date, he owns a special cellar for maturation of kombu seaweed. The ripening technique has been known for centuries, as it used to be common to store kombu over the winter due to difficult transport conditions in winter. However, only very special kombu algae are suitable for this maturation like Rishiri Kombu. The producer ages rishiri kombu up to 20 years.

 The kombu ripening cellar:

Kombu Reife-Keller


Note: Kombu algae have a very high iodine content and can lead to health problems if consumed in excessive amounts.

Kombu Algae
Delivery within 3-5 days
Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Kombu algae
Allergens: None

nutritional values pro 100 g
energy  640 kJ /  153 kcal
fat  1,5 g
saturated with it  0,5 g
carbohydrates  68,4 g
of which sugars <0,5 g
Protein  4,5 g
salt  5,9 g

Responsible entrepreneur: FoodConnection GmbH, Siemensstrasse 2, 21465 Reinbek

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